2010 Polaris Ranger EV

New for 2010, Polaris is introducing the company’s first electric vehicle, the RANGER EV. The RANGER EV encompasses a smaller, two-seat chassis, that fits in the back of a pickup truck, with many of the hardest working, smoothest riding features of their full-sized counterparts: On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive with VersaTrac, Independent Rear Suspension, heavy duty front end protection, high ground clearance and the longest suspension travel in their class.

Sharing the same chassis as the Midsize RANGER 400, the all-new RANGER EV electric Side-by-Side is a first for Polaris. The unit features the largest battery pack in the industry (11.5 kilowatts) and has the longest range of any electric Midsize UTV. Built for clean and quiet operation, and full of hardest working, smoothest riding features, the RANGER EV is perfect for hunters and homeowners with acreage. With its 30 horsepower electric motor, 35-45 mile range, 25 mph top speed and two hours of riding time between charges, the RANGER EV will transport hunters and their gear to and from their hunting site with fewer disturbances to game. The unit also features three modes: High for speed, Low for towing and hauling, and Max for maximum range. For harsh terrain, such as muddy fields on the way to fix the fence or trails full of rocks and stumps leading to the tree stand, the RANGER EV features On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive. For more sensitive terrains and a better turning radius, RANGER EV has VersaTrac with one-wheel, rear-wheel drive to prevent damage and also better navigate tight areas often encountered in the woods. The RANGER EV has a 500 lb. Lock & Ride cargo box with 1,250 lb. towing and 1,000 lb. total payload making hauling hunting gear or game a breeze; and the model’s exclusive 48-volt, AC Induction motor provides high performance with

low maintenance and can be charged using a standard 110 vac outlet. For quick charges between rides, PURE Polaris is offering a quick charge kit for RANGER 400 to get you back on the trails.

Clean and Quiet Operation

The first Polaris electric vehicle offers a 30 horsepower electric motor with two-hours of riding time and a 35-45 mile range. The vehicle includes a range leader with three modes, High, Low or Max, for different riding situations, 650 amp controller, AC induction motor for low maintenance/high performance and charges using a standard 110 outlet.

Review By: UTV Off-Road Magazine