gbc mud hog tires

The Skinny

The MUDHOG is a true pure mud tire. Its thick, deep lugs can handle the muddiest and wettest of conditions. The MUDHOGs lugs are dimpled, saving weight and providing additional biting-edges to scoop away the mud. Tread lugs also overlap the centerline of the tire, increasing traction and creating a better ride in hard terrain. This heavy-duty 6-ply construction provides maximum puncture resistance.

The Bottom Line

We had a chance to test 3 sets of GBC Motorsports 27” Mud Hogs at the Mud Nationals, and the difference between the Mud Hogs and stock is huge. And, before we put the Mud Hogs on our stock UTVs, we had been thoroughly testing 4 out of 5 of the stock OEM UTVs through the same course to gauge each vehicles ability to handle the terrain, both empty and with weight in the beds. What was amazing to us was after driving this terrain over 8 different times and it getting progressively worse, these tires allowed us to drive the entire course in 2wd, instead of 4wd with the stock tires. Right off the bat, this was proof they were impressive in the mud. From here, we went on a night ride which consisted of nothing but watery mud, soupy mud, the gooiest mud you have ever seen in your life. In fact, one of the sections was so sticky that you literally could not even walk in it without losing your boots In the last section of this trail, it was either make it through or run the entire trail backwards. After seeing one after another UTV stuck in the mud, we knew that we had to power through it. Much to our amazement, we set the Mud Hogs free to eat up the sticky mud as they pulled us through the other

side, hungry for more. We were glad to have the Mud Hogs with us that night, as well as the rest of our trip.

The Mud Hogs from GBC Motorsports are a great mud tire, providing 1-1/8” deep lugs that give great traction in muddy conditions. They are a great self-cleaning tire with siped lugs for an overall lighter tire and provide additional biting-edges that scoop away mud. On hard pack, you definitely notice a little bumpier ride at slow speeds, but as your speeds increased above 10 mph, this slight vibration went away. This heavy-duty 6-ply construction provides maximum puncture resistance. Overall, we were very impressed with the performance of the GBC Mud Hogs. If you frequent muddy or wet trails, these Mud Hogs are definite contenders.

Review By: UTV Off-Road Magazine