Black Rhino 700 Performance Ignition Module

Introducing the all-new Stage II 700 Rhino Performance Ignition Module from Black Rhino Performance. This Performance Ignition eliminates the stock Rhino ignition’s speed limiter, provides a performance ignition curve (+4 degrees over stock), and raises the stock rev limiter to 8000 RPM. It is completely compatible with all of the Yamaha Rhino 700’s electronic components. This is a piggyback module which supplements the Rhino factory ignition. Ignition and fuel injection control are combined in the same module with an easy-to-install wiring harness.

This Performance Rhino Ignition also provides increased spark energy which makes for easier starting and improved throttle response.

There is even an extra lead that, when power is applied, puts the Performance Rhino Ignition Module into ‘Valet Mode’ which limits forward and backward speeds to 15 MPH.

Looking for ‘bang for the buck’ in performance parts? Nothing comes close to the Black Rhino Performance Ignition for the Rhino 700!

The Performance Yamaha Rhino Ignition Module can also be used together with any of the popular EFI controllers for the Rhino 700, such as a Power Commander.

The new Rhino 700 Performance Ignition Module offers:

  • Simple Plug-in Installation
  • Removes Forward and Reverse Speed Limiters
  • 15 MPH Safety Limiter
  • Launch Limiter w/ Simple 1 Wire Hookup
  • Improved Timing Curve
  • Increased Spark Energy
  • Easier Starting
  • Higher Rev Limiter
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Fully Compatible With the Rhino Digital Dash
  • Full 1 Year Limited Warranty

Review By: UTV Off-Road Magazine