Key Features: This durable full cab enclosure system has front, side, and rear ventilation, no roof sag; and has an amazing fit and finish second to none. It offers the same weather protection of a hard enclosure but it’s super lightweight so it won’t weigh your Ranger down.  Easy to install aluminum roof support straps help prevent roof sag and has an integrated rear zip-up window.  The entire enclosure is covered with a sturdy, marine grade, UV protected, PVC coated denier nylon skin.

Available in these UTV Models: Polaris Ranger 700 500 XP 4×4 4×2 (’02-08)

Color options: Black

Door options:  The soft door system easily mounts up with heavy grade oversized zippers.  There is another set of these heavy zippers to open and close the door for entry and exit as well as provide a zip open window system.  Zipper pulls are large with nylon pull tabs so you can easily operate them with gloves on.

Windshield options: The windshield is full length with separate driver and passenger ventilation ducts providing air flow while providing protection from rain, dust, debris, etc..

Soft or Hardshell:  Soft Cab Enclosure.

Price: $830 includes:

1. Modular Soft Top #18034 MSRP $229.99

2. Soft Doors #03037 MSRP $299.99

3. Vented Windshield #30064 MSRP $299.99

Contact: visit: or call: 919-957-0044